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Interesting facts about pizza

A scone with a filling called pizza has become a national cuisine not only in Italy, but in many modern countries like the United States and Australia, and in four centuries. You can gather a lot of interesting facts about pizza all over the world. Numerous materials from the Internet will allow you to learn the most interesting questions about pizza. In this article, we describe some interesting facts about pizza.

  • This dish was created by the bakeries of Naples in the 16th century. Originally, this food looked like a flattened bread cake covered in white cheese sauce. This cuisine took its modern form in 1552 when the first tomatoes from America were brought to Italy.
  • The world’s first pizzeria was opened to the public in the 18th century in Naples. This site was known as the Pizzeria Antica PortʼAlba. Today the menu of the legendary restaurant includes more than 30 varieties of this dish.
  • This food began to conquer the United States in 1905 when the first pizzeria in New York City was created. The idea of this enterprise belonged to a native of Italy. It was an immigrant named Gennaro Lombardi.
  • You can find unusual information about pizza on the Internet. Readers can learn online that the founders of the competition in honor of the Italian Prime Minister named the Finnish pastry that won the international competition in 2008. This was done because “wroth” Silvio Berlusconi, who had been given a second place on an Italian dish, said that the Finns were not at all good at making real pizza.
  • Interestingly enough, the world’s largest round Italian meal was 37.4 meters in diameter. It was 20 years ago. This huge meal was rectangular. 320 kg of sauce and more than a ton of cheese were used to make it.
  • One of the most unusual things about pizza is that it was brought to the International Space Station with a special rocket in 2001. This procedure cost administrators $1 million.
  • The tradition of buying pizza in boxes by transport originated in the United States in the middle of the last century. There are thousands of Italian bake delivery sites on the modern Internet. With the food, the customer receives a printed advertising product that publishes much different information about the pizza.
  • Frozen pizza is new to the world. The Airport Pizza pizzeria delivers this dish. It is located in the town of Nome, Alaska. The farthest villages are provided with pizza by aircraft.

How to cook the pizza on a pan

Pizza is the most popular Italian food known to the world. It is a pastry made of yeast dough in the form of a round thin cake. The chefs bake it together with filling over the dough, which can be quite varied in ingredients. The first pizza was made in 1552 when the first tomatoes from America were brought to Italy. So many different ways of making this delicious food have come to pass over the years. Moreover, the stuffing can come from all sorts of different foods.

Traditionally, the chefs bake this food in the oven, but it takes a long time. At the current rate of life, recipes for cooking pizza in a pan have been developed. Such dishes are called lazy pizzas.

How to cook the pizza on a pan

You can find lots of ways to make pizza in a pan in ten minutes online. You can choose a selection of products as you currently have in your refrigerator to decide how to cook a pizza on a pan in such a short time.

Pizza on a pan with sour cream and mayonnaise

It’s the fastest pizza in the pan. The recipe consists of several steps.

  • mix bread with flour, sour cream, two eggs, and two tablespoons of mayonnaise;
  • mix sauce from 2 tablespoons of ketchup, one tablespoon of mayonnaise and dried paprika, black ground pepper, and salt;
  • make a filling of boiled sausage, tomato, cheese, olives, Bulgarian pepper, and several basil leaves;
  • put the dough on the pan, put the sauce on top, then put the grated cheese, the boiled sausage, the Bulgarian pepper, the tomato, and the olives on it.

You have to cook pizza for about ten minutes on a slow fire.

Sprinkle this food with basil before serving it to the table.

Another way to make pizza on a pan

You just read one of the classic recipes for cooking pizza on a stove. You can also find many other recipes for this traditional Italian dish online. You can use mayonnaise, sour cream, eggs, olives, smokes, shrimp, and much more besides the necessary ingredients such as flour, olive oil, salt, and vegetables. Don’t be afraid to use your fantasy.

How to Create a Video About Pizza and More in Reverse Movie FX

Video editors have always attracted a lot of attention. Their application made it possible to create cool and funny videos, which can then be posted on social networks to share the results with friends, family, and other users. And one of the most interesting effects when creating a video is the well-known “boomerang,” that is, when a video is played in reverse order — backwards.

Making use of one’s imagination, this effect allows one to create a lot of cool videos. But where to find and how to use it? The best answer to these questions was given by the developers of Reverse Movie FX – magic video. Their utility is designed to make spectacular videos for fun right on your smartphone and with a minimum of effort. And the app is very popular, as is indicated by counters of app downloads for Android.

A Brief Overview of Reverse Movie FX

Reverse Movie FX is a mobile application that allows one to create a reverse video that looks like real magic! To begin with, record someone (or yourself). For example, you can record you walking, drinking orange juice, and talking. Well, you can make use of any other idea that comes to your mind. After that, select the desired fragment of the video and click start! The app will make your video reversed: you will see people walking backwards, your friend spitting out a juice, etc.

Vola Sports

Here are some widely applied cool ideas for reversed videos:

  • kinetic attraction of an object (you need to throw the object first);
  • tearing off a piece of paper, then wonderfully “gluing” it;
  • throwing a sheet into a toilet and waiting until it gets a little wet;
  • drinking a juice (and spitting it out as a result);
  • spilling a juice;
  • attracting money;
  • jumping on a tree/balcony, etc.

Extra options:

  • adding music;
  • a reversed video with the original (a cycle);
  • an original first, and then the inverted video (a cycle).

Just try it, and you will be pleasantly surprised! Especially given that today, it is not a problem to download free Android applications. It will be enough just to find a good website where the apk app is present. And after installation, it remains only to evaluate how it is to play a video in reverse order! The app will immediately offer to upload the results to popular social networks or send them to friends by email or through one of the commonly used messengers.