A fun arcade game called Pizza Frenzy was developed in the bowels of the studio Sprout Games. And the resulting product quickly found a publisher, which became PopCap Games. The main advantage of the project is a fairly fun gameplay, requiring players to react quickly and often causing smiles on their faces.

To evaluate the toy, you do not need to pay right away. The developer allows you to download a free demo version of Pizza Frenzy. The trial version allows you to play for a whole hour in the arcade. And this time is enough to understand – the game appeals or not. If gameplay captivates you, you can pay for full access. The distribution model looks pretty transparent and honest because the gamer doesn’t have to buy a pig in a poke.

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Features of gameplay Pizza Frenzy

The aim of the game is the rapid delivery of pizza ordered by the client. And at each level, the locations have a lot of individual features, which should be taken into account. And sometimes, even the smallest detail, such as topography, can seriously affect the result. The situation is complicated by the fact that the game map is not one but several pizza places. And each of them cooks only one type of pizza.

You have not just tried to deliver orders on time but also on the fly to figure out how to build the logistics and not mix things up. If you make the customer wait a long time or bring him the wrong kind of pizza, his degree of satisfaction will worsen. If this parameter reaches a critically low value, that’s it – Game Over.

Pizza Frenzy

At the start of the level, the gamer has the opportunity to choose what toppings for pizza will be used at the current level. Varieties of pizza can be within a single location from two to four. And this in itself is not something critical to the gameplay. But you should keep in mind that if you use high-level toppings, you can expect to make a lot of profit.

After a certain number of levels, the gamer has the right to add a new kind of stuffing. This can be as a direct ingredient for pizza, like mushrooms and olives, and additional products, like donuts and fries.

Variety of NPCs

As the game progresses, its complexity increases. And in the gameplay, introduced new NPCs. And a very interesting variety of them as criminals. This category consists of different types of intruders – from telephone jokers to common thieves that don’t mind stealing something. To avoid negative consequences from interacting with such characters, the player needs to avoid yawning and contact the police in time.

By contacting the police station, the gamer not only prevents losses but also earns money. Since there is a cash reward for catching criminals, as soon as there is a troublemaker in the game, Pizza Frenzy creates a special alert. And then the gamer should be very attentive.

In addition to criminals, the game has neutral and positive NPC. If you deliver them pizza promptly and do not mix up your orders, the characters will have some useful effect. For example, a chatterbox girl can influence other customers to order the same type of pizza as her. Accordingly, will not have to be torn between different points. Another example is a clown. This one can talk customers into not paying attention to what they’re brought in at all. And then there is the monk, the actress, the banker, etc.