In a recent strategic move, the Uzbek president has adopted a comprehensive resolution to strengthen further the country’s position in the UN e-government ranking. This resolution reflects Uzbekistan’s strong commitment to harnessing the power of digital technologies and improving the accessibility and quality of public services for its citizens.

Beginning in June 2024, a wide array of new digital services and features will be introduced primarily through the Single Portal of Interactive Public Services mobile application. This exciting development will make it even more convenient for citizens to access government services on the go, enhancing their overall experience. This initiative aims to establish a modern and efficient government service delivery system, empowering citizens and reducing unnecessary visits to physical government offices.

By the end of 2024, the ambitious goals set forth by this resolution will be achieved. The Single Portal will offer an extensive range of 700 public services, covering various areas to cater to the diverse requirements of the population. Moreover, the automation level of these services will reach an impressive 65%, ensuring streamlined processes and an efficient user experience.

The near future

A task force was established to ensure digital services’ successful implementation and continuous advancement. This task force will collaborate closely with relevant stakeholders to tailor the newly introduced services and features to meet the specific needs and expectations of the citizens.

Application user

Application user

A user-friendly feedback mechanism was also integrated into the mobile application, allowing citizens to share their experiences, suggestions, and concerns directly with the government. This feedback will play a crucial role in refining and enhancing the digital services, ensuring that they truly serve the needs and aspirations of the people.

These comprehensive measures demonstrate Uzbekistan’s commitment to digital transformation and contribute to the overall development and well-being of the population. Uzbekistan aims to create a seamless and efficient service delivery ecosystem by embracing innovation and digitalization, further solidifying its position in the UN e-government ranking.

In conclusion, adopting this resolution signifies Uzbekistan’s dedication to enhancing the accessibility, quality, and efficiency of public services through digitalization.

Through the expansion of digital services, increased automation, prioritization of mobile accessibility, active citizen engagement, and continuous improvement, Uzbekistan is poised to create a transformative and user-centric e-government experience for its citizens. These efforts will not only shape the future of public service delivery but also contribute to Uzbekistan’s overall growth and prosperity, fostering development and progress in the country.