MyGov, an innovative mobile application in Uzbekistan, heralds a new era in providing government services and is part of the country’s digitalization strategy, in which the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev plays a major role. The application, designed with user-friendliness, leverages technology to streamline interactions between the government and its citizens.

It encapsulates various services, breaking governmental bureaucratic hurdles and fostering a more efficient, transparent, and accountable system. This article delves into the unique features of the MyGov application and its impact on government-citizen relations.

App features

With the Single Portal of Interactive State Services application, state services (public services) and services are conveniently available anytime, offering seamless access to essential government services.

To ensure user-friendly navigation, the application’s home page highlights the most important state services. Additionally, users can easily locate the desired public service through the efficient search function.

The “About the service” section provides essential information for a comprehensive understanding of each public service. In contrast, the “Usage statistics” section offers insights into the application statistics for that particular service.

Users can also conveniently access their previously submitted applications in the “My Applications for the Service” section. Users can effortlessly submit their applications by selecting the relevant public service and filling in the required fields.


The application provides instant notifications. Users receive timely alerts on application changes, ensuring a seamless user experience. All messages are conveniently displayed in chronological order for easy reference.

For added convenience, users can check the status of their applications submitted through the State Service Center. By entering their application number and the provided verification password, users can easily track the progress of their applications.

Furthermore, the application allows for online payment of fees associated with public services. Users can conveniently make secure online payments by entering the invoice details of their application and the required card information.

With these comprehensive features and functionalities, the Single Portal of Interactive State Services mobile application ensures convenient access to state services, streamlined application management, and hassle-free online payments, all within a user-friendly interface.

In conclusion, the MyGov mobile application represents a significant stride in Uzbekistan’s journey towards digital transformation, enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of government services. By embracing technology, the government has simplified public service delivery and improved transparency and accountability.

MyGov is more than just an application; it is a testament to the potential of digitization in reshaping government-citizen interactions for the better. The app effectively demonstrates how technology can be leveraged to serve the public more efficiently, setting an example for other nations.