The development of computer technology in the twenties of the 21st century has led to the fact that the mobile Internet has become generally available, and gadgets in terms of their power speed and technical capabilities are in many ways superior to desktop computing machines of the recent past.

Many people today simply do not buy desktop computers because they are expensive and bulky. At the same time, a tablet or smartphone with a large screen fully covers all the user’s needs in digital services. In this regard, online casino owners want to develop special mobile applications for users who prefer to play on tablets or smartphones.

JetX casino game is presented to fans of online games in all three popular formats: for mobile devices, desktops, and the web interface format on the site. Depending on the peculiarities of the functioning of different devices and display sizes, the interfaces and control systems of the slot machine application are specially adapted for ease of use.

Mobile application 1Win JetX game allows the user to comfortably observe the process of the game, assess the situation, and make bets at exactly the right moment to prevent the burnout of winnings in the case of a jetliner crash.

1Win JetX game

JetX win

The main requirements for mobile applications for online casinos and computer games

Not all users can purchase expensive smartphones with high power, speed, and large internal memory. Limited internal memory often prevents you from installing heavy and complex games on the device. Then, the user must abandon the application and play through the casino site. Hence, mobile application development for casinos and games has specific features:

  1. Mobile gaming applications should be small and have a low consumption of hardware and software resources so they can be easily installed and used even on inexpensive budget smartphones.
  2. The app’s prototypes and game control system should be carefully planned so the user can effectively manipulate and perform any actions in the story, even when only one hand has to be used.
  3. The floating menu will allow the user to move freely around the screen and explore the content beyond the display.

It should be remembered that the Google search engine has recently developed and put forward quite strict requirements regarding pop-up, floating, and pop-up windows, often used for advertising or collecting users’ data.

Such windows cannot block most useful content and interfere with the user’s actions. It is also mandatory to be able to disable a pop-up window at any time with a tap of a finger.

Key requirements for game application development

In the previous section, we discussed the general requirements for the formation of UI&UX applications we install on mobile devices of different types and for different purposes. However, when it comes to the sphere of gambling, according to one of the expert marketers in this area, the prevailing condition for the demand and popularity of the application for a game or a game club is the ability to conduct a winning game and quickly withdraw earnings.

In most cases, the system of withdrawing winnings and operating bonuses in the online casino and mobile application’s web interface differs so that the user has maximum convenience in obtaining these or those services.

In addition to the main application designed for betting, for players who have only recently familiarized themselves with the slot machine, it is necessary to provide a demo game in which the user could learn the rules, practice, gain experience, and learn more or less accurately predict the moment for a winning bet.

Poker chips

Poker chips

Suppose we discuss the slot above the machine with a plane with passengers. As such, a demo application can be called Jet X slot free play. The program fully possesses all the features and capabilities of the main game application. Still, at the same time, it is not required to make real bets, and the user is protected from major losses at the initial stage of participation.

In addition to all of the above, the gamer wants to be able to use the application to get free access to all the necessary information – the rules of the game, the rules of use and wagering bonuses, a detailed description of the loyalty program, working betting strategies and ways to increase the number of wins, in simple words – Jet X tricks.

Specialists in the gaming industry strongly discourage fans of gambling entertainment from downloading files-installer applications from dubious soft resources. It should be used only on official casino sites to download and install the game, with a safe page called JetX Game Download.

In fact, due to the growing number of fake online casino sites and fake mobile applications for games, the most important requirement for developing this kind of software has become precisely security and protection from unauthorized interference from unscrupulous users.

Most online game fans will never download the application unless they know that any risks and dangers do not threaten their anonymity, personal data, and funds.

At the same time, a category of users categorically dislike installing applications on mobile devices because of memory overload or security reasons. For these gamers, it is necessary to provide the ability to fully use the official site of online casinos using a browser on a smartphone or tablet.