When modern entrepreneurs start a business in the form of a pizzeria, they cannot ignore the fact that such a business will grow faster if it has a personal mobile application. As a rule, beginning entrepreneurs have little money, while promotion on the Internet costs a lot of money. Therefore, pizza owners have to carefully choose the operating system on which their program will be based — iOS or Android.

At first, it will be difficult for such an entrepreneur to pay for both platforms at once. This is why you should consider some important factors from the point of view of business owners and from the point of view of users and even developers.

Strengths of Android

Popularity is the main strength of this operating system. According to studies, 7 out of 10 users have smartphones on the basis of Android. The reasons for this popularity are obvious. So, devices with this operating system are much cheaper than Apple products. This is why Android smartphones and tablets are getting more affordable for a simple user.

In addition, Google has created a convenient programming environment called Android Studio for developers. This made application development simpler and faster, and also cheaper. This has become very profitable for business owners and has brought them more comfort and productivity. In addition, developers can regularly use the Android Developer Tools Kit, which makes encoding easier too.

There are several useful tools:

  • debugging tools;
  • emulator;
  • GUI design;
  • support for automated testing.

Development for Android occurs in one of the two programming languages usually. Among them are Kotlin and Java. Java is more common and includes many useful ones in its toolkit, but Kotlin has a higher level of stability, as well as simple syntax that is not complicated by additional constructs.

Pizza house application

Application hosting fee amount

You should read our little analytics block about the cost of hosting apps before you start considering iOS features. Users who do not know that many programs enter the App Store and Play Market for a reason should remember that it is a business.

There is a big difference in the price approach. You should only pay USD 25 once at registration so that you can get into the app store from Google called Play Market. As for the App Store, there, you will need to pay for a subscription of 100 USD each year. Although this choice may seem obvious at first glance, you should still not jump to conclusions. There is a deceptive impression that the pizzeria may not have large start-up capital, then you should buy a subscription to Android. But it’s not true.

You should remember that Android development becomes easier every year, but it remains a programming language that has complex structures and detailed development techniques. Here, the main problem is the abundance of different devices that operate on the basis of this mobile operating system. That is why the number of hours for creating and processing each application becomes longer, and it affects the amount of money that a person spends during the order. Especially since iOS has several advantages too.

Strengths of iOS

Today, you can download some apps for iPhone from branded Apple stores. However, you can also be alert of useful programs if you read their detailed descriptions, and specialized websites are optimal for this. The fact is that they often make ratings and interesting recommendations. Also, they often provide links to iOS app download from the official store in their articles.

There is a very simple and convenient workspace for developing mobile applications such as Swift and Objective-C. The first one is more recent and promising. Moreover, the audience of users of iOS is more solvent, as a rule. That’s why you should choose this platform to promote your pizzeria, and HDO movie will help you with that.