One of the most popular dishes in the world is pizza. The classic version is made with the addition of mozzarella and basil, but each country has its own recipe, which was invented based on the taste preferences of locals and the use of products traditional for a particular continent.

Shortcrust pastry pizza

This interesting pizza recipe is the hallmark of the Mister Pizza pizza chain located in Korea. Sweet shortcrust pastry is filled with raisins, shrimps, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds.

Cono Pizza

This pizza differs not only in original taste, but also in its form. It has an unusual cone shape. A cake is baked from the dough, rolled into a cone and filled with tomato sauce, cheese, thinly sliced salami, smoked sausages and ham, olives and bell peppers.

Cannabis pizza

At a Vancouver restaurant visitors who are of the age and have a medical permit to smoke marijuana can taste cannabis-filled pizza.

Pizza Taco

This pizza is based on a tortilla made from traditional dough with tomato sauce and homemade mozzarella. Tacos with different fillings are laid out along the edges on top, and sour cream and guacamole are put in the center.

Swamp Thing Pizza

The chefs at Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza, a Florida-based company, created a recipe based on New York pizza but they added meat from swamp animals to the filling. It contains all the original ingredients: tomato sauce, garlic oil, mozzarella, etc. The filling contains three types of reptile and amphibian meat: python, crocodile and frog bacon.

Pizza with gold

This is one of the most expensive pizzas. Its diameter is 30 cm. The composition of the filling includes 24 carat gold foil, white truffle, caviar pre-soaked in Dom Perignon champagne, pickled eggs, medallions of venison, chicken meat marinated in tequila, lobster, smoked Scottish sausage , beef meat marinated in Henry VIII wine and ham. The dish is named “Pizza Royale 007” after the famous agent. This piece of culinary art was purchased for $4,200 at auction.

Lobster and tequila pizza

This dish is served at the New York restaurant “Bodega Negra”. Pizza is made from platinum edible flakes, lobsters, mango, sturgeon caviar, black truffle shavings and avocado. Mind that in order to enjoy this pizza, it must be ordered 2 days in advance.

Crispy Cicada Pizza

The peculiarity of this pizza is toasted crispy candied cicadas. Insects have a special nutty flavor. True gourmets know that yellow or white cicadas are the most delicious and they should be picked in the morning.

Pizza with kangaroo meat

You can enjoy an exotic dish only in Australia. The thick flatbread is a distinctive feature of the pizza. Kangaroo meat for the filling is marinated and stewed with pepper and cranberries.