Video editors have always attracted a lot of attention. Their application made it possible to create cool and funny videos, which can then be posted on social networks to share the results with friends, family, and other users. And one of the most interesting effects when creating a video is the well-known “boomerang,” that is, when a video is played in reverse order — backwards.

Making use of one’s imagination, this effect allows one to create a lot of cool videos. But where to find and how to use it? The best answer to these questions was given by the developers of Reverse Movie FX – magic video. Their utility is designed to make spectacular videos for fun right on your smartphone and with a minimum of effort. And the app is very popular, as is indicated by counters of app downloads for Android.

A Brief Overview of Reverse Movie FX

Reverse Movie FX is a mobile application that allows one to create a reverse video that looks like real magic! To begin with, record someone (or yourself). For example, you can record you walking, drinking orange juice, and talking. Well, you can make use of any other idea that comes to your mind. After that, select the desired fragment of the video and click start! The app will make your video reversed: you will see people walking backwards, your friend spitting out a juice, etc.

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Here are some widely applied cool ideas for reversed videos:

  • kinetic attraction of an object (you need to throw the object first);
  • tearing off a piece of paper, then wonderfully “gluing” it;
  • throwing a sheet into a toilet and waiting until it gets a little wet;
  • drinking a juice (and spitting it out as a result);
  • spilling a juice;
  • attracting money;
  • jumping on a tree/balcony, etc.

Extra options:

  • adding music;
  • a reversed video with the original (a cycle);
  • an original first, and then the inverted video (a cycle).

Just try it, and you will be pleasantly surprised! Especially given that today, it is not a problem to download free Android applications. It will be enough just to find a good website where the apk app is present. And after installation, it remains only to evaluate how it is to play a video in reverse order! The app will immediately offer to upload the results to popular social networks or send them to friends by email or through one of the commonly used messengers.